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Why Use A Mouthguard When Playing Sports?

Mouthguards may also prevent or reduce harm levels of concussion in the event of an injury to the jaw. Accidents can happen during any physical activity, the advantage of using a mouth guard during sports is that it can help limit the risk of mouth-related injuries. Mouth guards can also help to prevent chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth, or even tooth loss.

There are several benefits for mouthguards for both sports-related & nighttime-related uses:

  • Reduces the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts while play sports
  • Sports mouthguards protect teeth from being knocked out or fractured
  • Provides a comfortable fit allowing for natural breathing & speaking
  • Prevents jaw fractures by acting as a cushion between upper & lower jaw
  • Meets all high school & college sports regulations

Custom mouthguards are precisely made, so they are able to provide you with optimal safety and comfort, as opposed to the bulky, “boil & bite” guards of old. The level of protection by custom-fitted mouth guards is unrivaled by any other mouthguard, and their durability is enhanced by the snug shape, eliminating unwanted movement and any need for adjustment.

What Is Occlusal Analysis & Bite Adjustment?

Occlusion is the way your teeth in the upper and lower jaw fit together. An occlusal analysis is an examination of a patient’s bite; in particular, the areas where opposing teeth contact each other. An occlusal adjustment can be one or more procedures designed to realign the bite so all teeth meet correctly, relieving excess pressure on individual teeth and lessening strain on the jaw joints & bone.

Occlusal Adjustment Procedure

In most cases, a bite can be readjusted simply by carefully removing excess tooth structure to allow teeth to meet evenly instead of one tooth hitting its opposite before the rest of the arch. This procedure is relatively simple and does not require anesthesia, we will only be removing microscopic layers from the teeth, staying far away from any nerve endings, and will constantly check to see if your teeth come together correctly after being reshaped.

In addition to in-office occlusal adjustment, we may recommend use of a biteguard, mouthguard or similar device. These devices can help prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) and other damaging oral habits, and can stop patients from clenching their jaw and increasing tension in the joint. Biteguards are also used to protect the teeth during high-impact activities.

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