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Many of us don’t hesitate to invest in gym memberships, contact lenses, or designer clothes in the aim of looking more attractive. And while these efforts can certainly change our appearance, they also help to keep us strong and healthy. Exercise keeps your body fit, regular eye appointments help you know how to care for your eyes.

Some might think that efforts to look physically attractive are shallow, but the reality is that most of these efforts go toward keeping us healthier and stronger. Though an improved appearance outside of the health benefits is certainly a nice perk!

This same policy is true for cosmetic dental treatments. Your smile is an important social asset; 98% of respondents to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey said so! Cosmetic dentistry can make a big impact on your appearance and an even bigger one on your overall oral health.

What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do For You?

Cosmetic treatments with our team at Horton & Vranas D.D.S, will accomplish the following:

  • Enhance your smile - Our number one goal is to provide you with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.
  • Increase confidence - An attractive, well-formed smile can increase your confidence in both social and work settings.
  • Feel Younger -. Whiter, brighter smiles can give you a youthful appearance. Many cosmetic treatments are designed to protect and strengthen your teeth as much as they are to beautify them.

Even a subtle change in your smile helps you to project an image of self-confidence and high personal esteem. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in your appearance.

Smile Flaw Protection With Teeth Veneers & Dental Bonding

Teeth are susceptible to damage and flaws, just like any other part of the body. If you have stains, chips, or gaps, you might feel self-conscious about your smile. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to anymore. Thanks to our cosmetic treatments like teeth veneers and dental bonding, you can have these flaws covered up and protected.

Get a smile you’re proud to show off with one of these cosmetic dental treatments:

  • Dental Veneers -  Are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that cover the front surfaces of your teeth. These teeth veneers can change the color, length, and shape of teeth, as well as conceal imperfections.
  • Dental Bonding - Apply layers of tooth-colored resin to your teeth to hide flaws. This affordable treatment can be completed in a single office visit. You should consider dental bonding if your teeth have small flaws that can be easily fixed or if you have teeth that need more reshaping than what dental veneers can provide.
  • Teeth Whitening - Professional teeth whitening is one of our easiest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments you can choose.
  • Invisalign - If you need braces but aren’t interested in the traditional bracket-and-wire systems, we have a clear alternative—Invisalign! These aligners look like transparent retainers that fit snugly over your teeth.

All 4 of these cosmetic dentistry methods are tried & true, proven to transform your confidence in your smile as much as they can transform your smile itself.


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